Best Reasons To Hire Security Guards

Are you thinking of hiring a private security services firm to protect your business premises or residential property in Houston? No matter the size, your property is vulnerable to several security concerns. That said, the main appeal of having security guards protecting your properties should be linked to the safety benefits which they offer.

Security guards have supplemented law enforcers, and their presence is more effective at deterring crime than installing top-notch high-tech security systems.

Vandalism, theft, break-ins, kidnapping, and other crimes are not scenarios from a movie; they happen in reality. Your residential property and business premises are prone to all kinds of risk. That’s why you need security guards to protect your company’s belongings and employees. To successfully deter crimes, you need to have security guards from a reputable company like Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc.

In this article, you will find the benefits of having professional security guards from a licensed security service firm, like ours, protecting your property. Keep reading to know why contracting security is an excellent idea.

Security Guards Deter Crimes

Whether it is security for your home or business, having a team of professional security guards will protect your facility by mitigating potential risks. Security guards also protect you and the people working in your company.

Here at Nationwide Investigations & Security, we have highly-trained security officers who can detect suspicious activity and promptly take necessary action before the issue escalates. Having armed guards will also stop criminals from targeting your building.

Security Guards Offer a Sense of Heightened Security

It is a no-brainer that having security guards in and around your premises will increase the sense of security.

Considering that security officers will arrive at your property fully trained on the latest security protocol, emergency response, handling criminal activities, and active threat, your employees will feel safer. This can potentially increase productivity.

Your customers and guests will also feel heartened by the safe and secure environment.

Security guard deals with security issues immediately

Security guards are usually on the first line of defense should any crime occur in your business or residence. They also act promptly against any unlawful invasion.

Skillful and knowledgeable security guards know how to respond to criminal incidences, prevent suspects, interviews witnesses, and inspect the area of incidence for safety risks. They should also be able to help solve cases of any crime within your premises.

They constantly monitor your premises

Crimes such as vandalism, theft, and assaults can happen at any time.

To deter such activities from happening, security guards patrol your property, monitor CCTV cameras, respond to alarms, and control room operations. They also control the entry and exit to your premises, which makes it easy to spot any security threat.

This minimizes the chances of criminal activities materializing.

Security guards provide basic customer services

Beyond safeguarding your premises, staff, and customers, security officers offer various fundamental customer services. They may help visitors locate various places and even escort them, if necessary.

For a business, this may be compelling and encourage customers to keep coming back. In the long run, this could save you on hiring staff to deliver such services.

Greater accountability

On top of being answerable to security firm management, security officers keep proper records of incidents in an effort to ensure better service delivery. Depends on the terms of service agreement, you may be able to ask for clarification from the officers guarding your property.


The goal of every security services firm is to ensure client’s property, valuables, customers, and guests are fully protected from crimes and other risks. To achieve this, companies invest heavily in training guards so that they perform their duties with minimal challenges.

Security guards also stay updated with the latest security technologies on the market. Because of the rigorous training they undergo, plus years of experience, security guards are able to deliver the best services tailored to your personal needs.


Are you considering hiring one or several experienced security guards in Houston, Texas? Whether it is guarding your business or residential property, security guards can help keep your environment safe, deter crimes, and give a sense of heightened security, which helps keep criminals away. Security guards from Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. will provide you with excellent security guard services tailored to your security needs.