Craft your Escapade with Custom Leather Armor

The world is full of adventure and fantasy, and for you to make yours complete, you need custom leather armor. Having a great education resource on the matter means having everything as far as fantasy is concerned, from the training, creating, and selling leather patterns. The company crafts and sells leather patterns at a cost-effective price.

What the Prince Armor Academy Offers

Leather and armor crafting tutorials

Have you ever dreamt of being a professional armor and leather crafter? If yes, Prince Armory leather academy is ideal for you. You only need to get the fantasy armor bundle, and your crafting dream will become true. The training is a crash one as it involves training on how to craft both leather and armor. A broad series will teach you how to create a complete head-to-toe armor suite using leather. The company gives premium video tutorials for free for everyone who wishes to learn crafting. The pattern bundle will save you much more than buying single pieces. The tutorial will guide you every step of the process besides demonstrating several techniques and tips to employ in your project.

Level up your crafting skills and expertise

Prince armory academy is the best place for anybody who wishes to take their crafting skills to the next level. The company has plenty of content slated for improvement over the coming years. The academy will incorporate everything from the fundamental to a super-advanced, complete amateur and finally to a professional artisan in business and profits. They offer topics that will cover every faucet of leather and armor crafting, art, design, and custom work as a business.

Leather and armor crafting

Besides providing crafting tutorials, the company also specializes in crafting leather and armor into different fantasy patterns and templates. Evey custom crafting project is unique and kind because they do the crafting per the customer’s request. Once you let them craft your fantasy, their specialized crafting experts will design your craft entirely for you. Our expertly prepared leather patterns will take your abilities to the next level. The patterns made come with a classic epic look you can use to craft your own.

Prince Armory Academy’s Leather Armor Patterns & Templates

The company creates different leather patterns and templates that increase their customer’s desire to buy armory designings. If you want to acquire excellent skills to design prince armory leather and sell, then check out what leather patterns and templates they make.

Leather Breastplate Pattern

This is a pretty and great decent pattern creating breastplate female fantasy. It is the best leather pattern that can include colorful colors. The company also offers tutorial videos for this pattern and trains how pieces should overlap and the assembling procedure.

Fantasy Leather Helmet Pattern

The dream of having or designing leather helmets with great patterns is here with Prince Armory. If you want to buy from them, you can just order, and if you wish to make yours, they train this fantasy crafting. For this design, they offer step by step tutorials through video.

Leather Bracer Patterns

Lady Knight in Leather ArmorThe fantasy of having the bracers can come true with Prince Armory. The fantasy bracers patterns are mostly designed with a medium size. If you want a different size, you can encrypt on paper the size you want, then create the brace according to the pattern tutorials.

Fantasy Leather Armor Suit

Leatherworking and crafting patterns tutorials can create a fantasy of making a full Leather Armor suit. Prince Armory Academy satisfies its customers with this innovation and emphasizes the dream of a prince armor suit. If you need leatherworking techniques, then get video tutorials to get the step-by-step and layer fixing process.

Leather Armor Spaulders Pattern

A great pattern of spaulders designing armor chest and shoulder fantasy. You can make yours if you wish your dream come true by making a spaulder pattern. The company offers tutorial coaching where you can learn leather craft techniques, especially on the spaulder pattern.

Fantasy breastplate pattern

This fantasy breastplate pattern is ideal for live-action role play and also cosplay. This pattern will make your upcoming renaissance and ComicCon festival stylish. The pattern is customizable and can give you the starting design to incorporate into an existing cosplay or come up with something new. You can add your paints, dyes, tooling, and other design elements for a more customizable experience. The design is unisex and has ample room in the chest to offer comfortable wear for men and women. The breastplate is adjustable; therefore, you can easily adjust its size by scaling the pattern and adjusting the chest plates.


The fantasy of armor patterns comes with Prince Armory Academy. The company designs both patterns for sale, and they train those who want to make their own. Build your armor pattern skills with Prince Armory Academy.